“Each and every day, Bank Street educators are in the world making a difference for children and families. You can play a role in ensuring their success.”

Shael Polakow-Suransky
President, Bank Street College of Education

Bank Street's Leadership Team

Board of Trustees

The Bank Street College Board of Trustees is the governing body for the College, and is the key policymaking structure for the institution. The Board meets four times a year supported by the more detailed work of its standing committees that meet throughout the academic year.

Statutory Trustees

Anthony Asnes, SFC' 75
Charlie Bendit
Yolanda C. Ferrell-Brown, Chair
Jay Chakrapani
Tiffani Chambers
Suzanne Childs
Jonathan Cole
Felice Freiedman, GS '76
Sarah Gund, GS '73
Victoria Hamilton
Joshua Isay
Kristen Kane
Sue Kaplan, Vice Chair
Kenneth B. Lerer
Adam H. Litke
Elizabeth S. Pforzheimer, Vice Chair
Sandra Pinnavaia
Shael Polakow-Suransky*
Camilla Rab
Claudia Gonzalez-Romo
Anne V. Shutkin, SFC '95, Secretary
Jeff Smith
Howard S. Stein, Treasurer
Jeffrey I. Sussman, Vice Chair
Kevin Woodruff
Rose Klein Young
Debbie Zlotowitz
* President serves as ex officio

Associate Trustees

Jody Gorton, Parent Associate Trustee
Maria Marino, Parent Associate Trustee
Ali McKersie, Staff Associate Trustee
TBD, Student Associate Trustee

Life Trustees

George P. Scurria, Jr.
Margaret L. Stevens, GS '77
Lynn G. Straus, GS '57
Kate R. Whitney