“Whether we wish it or not, children are living in the midst of, and as a part of, our present day civilization… No academic courses of study, no hard and fast program can serve us here. We must, in the first place, know children and their spontaneous interests.”



Urban settings provide the means for children to experience first-hand how their communities thrive in social, economic, and cultural contexts. Bank Street’s New York home allows children to absorb the energy of one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Bank Street has a history of helping students acquire a sense of place beyond the classroom. Only a few years after The Bank Street Readers were published, the Bank Street Communications Laboratory produced Child’s Eye View, a film that follows one class on a field trip through Hell’s Kitchen. The film, intended to help teachers gain a greater understanding of a children's responses to their environment, was a project of notable children's book author and Bank Street graduate Robie Harris.

For decades, Bank Street faculty member Sal Vascellaro has been a tireless advocate of taking children into the wider world. His book, Out of the Classroom and Into the World, offers practical guidance for teachers on how to fuel the hearts and minds of children by helping them engage in their environments.